EU Referendum – Not Project Fear, Project Reality

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The EU Referendum campaign was a nasty, divisive affair.  Now comes Project Reality.   They called it Project Fear, it is turning into Project reality.  The Brexit campaigners won, but what has been the fallout?  They said that everything that the Remain campaigners were saying were just the establishment lining up to scare the public.  […]

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Politics – General Election 2015 – The Polls

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The latest  General Election polls   I saw 2 polls in the papers yesterday.   The Observer       Con 34%, Lab 35%, Lib Dem 6%, UKIP 14%, Greens 6%. YouGov                Con 34%, Lab 34%, Lib Dem 8%, UKIP 14%, Greens 5%   So the pattern of The Conservatives and Labour being neck and neck remains.   Since […]

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Politics – The Save Dave Cameron Plan – General election 2015

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The Sunday Times Says That Senior Tories Want to Save Dave Cameron.   The story runs that despite all the public pronouncements about winning the General election outright a plan is being hatched to save Dave Cameron should he not win the general election. In spite of a somewhat lack luster performance  by Miliband so […]

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Roni and I were really good friends 30 years ago when we both lived in Bristol.  She then moved back to Wales and we lost touch.   About a year ago she ran across me on Facebook and made contact.  Since then we have resumed our friendship.  Roni is now a wood turner making amazing […]

A New Start?

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I am beginning to question just why I have restarted this blog. It was interesting to re-read the old posts.  Some were embarrassing and some I did not recognise.  Still, I must have meant it all at the time, so they stay………

dNeero stuff (I will explain later)

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There Are Worse Things Than Listening to Dolly Parton.

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I was watching Euro 2008 on the TV. During the advert break there was an advert for DP’s latest release and Jane said ‘There are worse things than listening to Dolly Parton’. There was a silence, she looked at me and said ‘Did I say that out loud?’ Naturally, being a caring new man I […]

So many things to say, so little importance..

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That sort of sums up my attitude to blogging. Some people use blogging as a way of making money, however some of us (I wish it was most of us) just use it as a release. Friends have come back to me after the last couple of entries about depression, so I am pleased about […]


“Pull Yourself Together”

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The last post was one in which I spoke of depression, in my case brought on by a number of factors, not the least of which was the loss of my job. I have found another job, less money, worse hours (a late shift in a warehouse), but for the same company. The one that […]

Suicide or Fly Fishing?

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13th April 2008 A strange thing happened on the way to this blog. I was going to talk about the despair that leads towards thoughts of suicide. Instead of which I will be talking about fly fishing. I got up today and the day was overcast, dry and warm. A good day for fly fishing. […]

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