EU Referendum – Not Project Fear, Project Reality

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The EU Referendum campaign was a nasty, divisive affair.  Now comes Project Reality.


They called it Project Fear, it is turning into Project reality.  The Brexit campaigners won, but what has been the fallout?  They said that everything that the Remain campaigners were saying were just the establishment lining up to scare the public.  Really?

What has happened in the 48 hours since the EU Referendum?

So far;

  1. EDF are considering pulling out of Hinkley Point.  Now, that may be a good or a bad thing depending on your point of view.  The fact was a large infrastructure project is in doubt.
  2. Airbus, that employs 15,000 people in this country, that it is actively reviewing its future investment.  We all know what means.
  3. Ford, that employs 14,000 people in this country, says that it might be preparing to cut costs.  We all know what means.
  4. The third runway for Heathrow would be killed by Boris.
  5. Large parts of HS2 could be stopped in its tracks.
  6. The pound plunged to 1980’s levels.  Here comes more expensive petrol and imports.

There is more fallout from the EU Refrendum


  1. Tata Steel, there are now doubts about the sell offs that were going to save at least some of our jobs.
  2. There has been a marked increase in far right racist attacks, graffiti, and the neo nazis are cock ahoop.
  3. That Cameron has signaled that he is going and we will not have a PM with any credibility for 3 months.  Who is running the country?
  4. The Blairite jackals in the PLP are lining up to oust Corbyn.
  5. The French want to close the camps in Calais, agreen light for the people smugglers to up there despicable business.
  6. The FTSE 250 has had millions swept off its value.  The FTSE 250 is a far better barometer of the UK based companies rather than the FTSE 100.
  7. 1.2 million Brits who live in the EU now are in fear of what might happen to them.
  8. Scotland will seek another independence referendum.  The end of the UK.
  9. There are calls for the re-unification of all Ireland.  The end of the UK.
  10. HSBC have announced that they could relocate 1,500 jobs from London to Paris.
  11. Farage has been forced to admit that the £350m a week windfall for the NHS was just a lie.
  12. Danny Hammon (?), Nigel Evans (my MP) have both admitted that leaving the EU does NOT necessarily mean that immigration will fall.

The EU referendum has plunged this country in turmoil.  Edmund Burke said, to paraphrase, that the views of constituents should be given due weight by their representatives.  However, to give them directions that have to be obeyed strikes at the heart of our representative democracy.

Referendums can destroy representative democracy.  There is a place for them.  However the EU Referendum asked a far too complicated question to be answered by a simple yes or no.


God help us all.




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