Politics – General Election 2015 – A Three Party Coalition?

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 General Election 2015 Could It Really be  A Three Party Coalition?


The New Statesman was showing that given the polls at the end of February the two main parties would win 271 seats in the general election. Tories down by 36 seats  Labour up by 13.

They were also showing the SNP up by 50 to 56, the Liberal Democrats down to 25 seats from 57.  I imagine that Nick Clegg is not reading the papers at the moment, or for the last year or two come to that.

For a majority a party needs 326 seats. We are back into coalition territory, again, unless either Miliband or Cameron wants to try to run a minority government.  Using the New Statesman’s projections what coalitions could evolve?

The SNP has said that it would not enter into a coalition with Cameron.  It would be suicidal for them to say anything else before the general election.  Even after the general election they could not get into bed with the Tories.  That leaves the way open to a SNP and Labour coalition.  Except that they would still not have enough seats.  They would only get to 327, 9 short.

UKIP may have a higher percentage of the votes cast than the Liberal Democrats but the first past the post system guarantees that, unless something extreme happens, they will end up with just 4 or 5 seats.  They could influence the outcome though as most of their votes would come from the Tories, those that do not come from thr BNP. that is.  Where the Liberal Democrats are fighting the Tories in second place in 2010 the UKIP vote could sink the Tories.

The way the vote splits on the left could determine whether Labour wins a few seats.  Seats such as Plymouth Sutton, Bristol West (a constituency dear to me heart), and Hove could well be decided by the tactical voting of Green and Lib Dem supporters.

There are some Tories that see the DUP in Northern Ireland being able to support them after the general election.  The trouble is they may well get just the 8 seats.

The Tories and Labour then need someone else to support them in a coalition.  Who will be the first one to call Nick?  That assumes that Nick will still be the leader of the Liberal Democrats, of course and hat is not guaranteed.  Have the Liberal Democrats got the appetite to be in another coalition after the bruising experience of this one?

God, I love politics, bring on the general election!



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