Politics – General Election 2015 – A Three Party Coalition?

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 General Election 2015 Could It Really be  A Three Party Coalition?   The New Statesman was showing that given the polls at the end of February the two main parties would win 271 seats in the general election. Tories down by 36 seats  Labour up by 13. They were also showing the SNP up by […]

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Politics – General Election 2015 The Result?

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My Prediction of the General Election 2015 Results – to be quickly forgotten if wrong!!!   As everyone has been saying this is the closest of close general elections for years with no party able to win an overall majority. The two main parties have been tied on 33% – 34% since before the campaign […]

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Politics – General Election 2015 Tory Tax Promises

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Tory Tax promises – Too Good to be true? You Bet! Dave Cameron has said that he would pass a law to say that it is illegal to raise Income Tax, National Insurance, or VAT for the next 5 years. The Tory party would pass that law within the first 100 days of a Tory […]

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Politics – General Election 2015 – The Tory Strategy

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What are the polls telling us about the Tory Campaign Strategy?   The Tory party has always had a slick and efficient campaign team. Once in gear it sets off and usually steam rollers over everything in its path. At the start of the campaign the word was that the Tory party expected the machine […]

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Politics – General Election 2015 – The Leaders’ Debates, Now We Know Why Cameron Was Scared

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General Election 2015 – Cameron Was Right to be Scared   David Cameron and Ed Milliband were interviewed this week on the same night by Paxman.  On the night the studio audience said that Cameron had won.  However, a strange thing has happened in the couple of days since.  The viewing public has decided that […]

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Politics – General Election 2015 – The Polls

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The latest  General Election polls   I saw 2 polls in the papers yesterday.   The Observer       Con 34%, Lab 35%, Lib Dem 6%, UKIP 14%, Greens 6%. YouGov                Con 34%, Lab 34%, Lib Dem 8%, UKIP 14%, Greens 5%   So the pattern of The Conservatives and Labour being neck and neck remains.   Since […]

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Politics – The Save Dave Cameron Plan – General election 2015

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The Sunday Times Says That Senior Tories Want to Save Dave Cameron.   The story runs that despite all the public pronouncements about winning the General election outright a plan is being hatched to save Dave Cameron should he not win the general election. In spite of a somewhat lack luster performance  by Miliband so […]

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Politics – general election 2015 – UKIP Backs the Tories

Posted by philstutt123456@aol.com on February 27, 2015 in politics |

Politics – UKIP Backs the Tories on Deficit Plans   Vote UKIP and get the Tories seems to be the message.  Recent polls suggest that no one (of a sane mind) thinks that UKIP is anything more than a 12 month wonder. Just as the polls suggest that most people see UKIP as a temporary […]

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POLITICS – General Election 2015 When is a Tory Cut not a Cut?

Posted by philstutt123456@aol.com on February 3, 2015 in politics |

Tory Education Promise Not What it Seems   Who would have thought that politicians would say one thing and mean another? On Sunday Nicky Morgan, who ‘replaced’ Michael Gove as Education Secretary said that spending on education would be ring fenced should the Tory party win the general election 2015. Actually, she said that education […]

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Politics – The Leaders’ Debates (2)

Posted by philstutt123456@aol.com on January 14, 2015 in politics |

An unlikely trio try to gang up on Cameron about the Leaders’ Debates   As I posted a few days ago David Cameron has found a wheeze which he hopes will scupper the Leaders’ Debates. He does not want them, as no sitting PM would, as it gives the opposition party leaders to share a […]

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